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BioSeal Systems Blog

Waking Up Public Health Officials

We have just finished our exhibit with Public Health Officials at the National Assoc for City, County Health Officials (NACCHO)  in Phoenix, AZ..

It was a very busy show for us with a lot of curious people coming to our table to figure out why a body bag mfg would be exhibiting at their event.

I was prepared to explain the features and benefits of our fantastic products but quickly realized that this group of highly influential government employees had no idea why a containment body bag would have any  purpose in their professional lives.

I immediately adjusted my talking points by asking each person that came to the table “What is your county’s plan or procedure for dealing with lethally infectious human remains?.

Not one person could provide an answer.

I then explained to them that the Public Health officials in Dallas County, Texas also did not have an answer when their Ebola victim incident blew up in their faces last year and that circumstance is what led to the health care workers being exposed to lethally infectious human remains.

To their credit, this group changed their attitudes and demeanor on the spot. They requested more information  and some went to their colleges and told them to go to our exhibit and hear what was being said about Public Health and Post Mortem Infection Prevention.

It turned out to be a very rewarding experience for us and for them.