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Edward L. McWilliams

◼ Edward L. McWilliams | President & CEO

Edward McWilliams is a problem solver. With a background that includes both automotive and medical equipment repair, he is an experienced designer of functional, versatile solutions that focus on performance, protection and safety.

In 1993, Mr. McWilliams had a conversation with one of his medical equipment repair clients—the San Diego County medical examiner. Traditional body bags, even when combined with refrigeration, weren't providing sufficient odor control in the morgue. The bags were also inadequate when it came to the critical issue of protecting handlers from potentially harmful and contagious pathogens from the decedents. Mr. McWilliams' wheels started turning and in 1994 he started Barrier Products LLC to develop and manufacture a containment system that would meet the needs of the death care industry.

Tapping into his material expertise acquired through his experiences in the world of auto racing—he is a veteran of the pit crews that work the Indianapolis 500—he conceived of a layered approach that would be lightweight and strong, and accept a tight, positive seal. After months of product development and testing, the BioSeal Systems technology received a worldwide patent in 1997.

Since then, Mr. McWilliams has continued to leverage his problem solving skills to create a wide array of containment solutions for a variety of scenarios. The versatility of the BioSeal Systems technology combined with Mr. McWilliams' dedication to meeting the needs of his growing pool of clients has been—and continues to be—a winning combination.

Mr. McWilliams is a respected industry expert in the areas of fatality management and biohazardous containment. In 2006, he served as a member of the Joint Task Force Civil Support Mass Fatality Working Group assembled by U.S. Northern Command in cooperation with the Department of Health and Human Services. This panel reviewed Emergency Support Function #8 of the National Response Plan, which deals specifically with the public health and medical services provided after a disaster or pandemic. Mr. McWilliams played a key role in reevaluating the plans in place for the final disposition of mass fatalities in these scenarios, making suggestions to ensure efficient deployment of effective safety measures.

James King

◼ James King | Western Regional Director

Fresh out of high school, James King got his first job at a funeral home. Today, he brings more than thirty years of experience in the death care industry to his role as Western Regional Director. His main priorities are providing outstanding customer service to BioSeal Systems' clients and building strong relationships while educating the industry about BioSeal Systems' unique and versatile containment solutions.

Based in BioSeal System's Houston office, Mr. King is a rich resource of expertise in both the day–to–day workings of death care facility operations as well as catastrophic mass fatality management.

Mr. King graduated from the Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service in Houston, Texas in 1983 and is a long–standing member of the Texas Funeral Directors Association. In 2005, he was awarded the designation of Certified Funeral Service Practitioner (CFS) by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice (APFSP).

Prior to joining BioSeal Systems, Mr. King spent ten years working for Kenyon International, where he was directly involved with the deployment and application of the BioSeal Systems technology in several mass fatality disasters, including recovery efforts after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the 2004 Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and investigations of numerous plane crash sites around the world.

Bruce Sampson

◼ Bruce Sampson | Eastern Regional Director

Bruce Sampson resides in Charleston, South Carolina and serves as our Eastern Regional Director. He has been a licensed funeral director and embalmer with 43 years of professional experience and earned a Master of Public Administration degree at National University.

Prior to joining BioSeal Systems, Mr. Sampson served as a U.S. Navy embalmer and mortuary management instructor at Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. In addition, Bruce has held management positions in both private and public funeral operations.

Lorinne Eads

◼ Lorinne Eads | Office Manager

An Orange County, CA native, Lorinne Eads spent 5 years bringing smiles to many while working at Disneyland while completing her B.F.A. at Chapman University for Film Production. She then went on to work with many talented people in the film industry, doing primarily post-production work to complete and deliver final films to market.

Once moving to San Diego, she continued to bring smiles to families and children by becoming a child’s swim instructor and teacher of the importance of water safety. Equipped with several years of experience in customer service and knowledge of business practices, Lorinne serves as the Office Manager at BioSeal Systems, where she aims to bring quality products to the death care industry.