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Mass Fatality System

What is it?

In the event of a large-scale disaster, the BioSeal Mass Fatality Response System enables you to quickly deploy the tools needed to ensure absolute containment of whole or partial human or animal remains. All the tools and equipment needed to ensure Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) containment of whole or partial human remains are palletized, wrapped and banded to arrive at your facility ready for storage until needed. It can be stored for 49 years without deterioration in performance or readiness of the BioSeal System material, regardless of conditions.

Mass Fatality System

System Details

30 Rolls of System5® Material (150' x 36")
1 Vertical Dispensing Rack
3 110v Hand-Held Thermosealers
3 Retaining Clips
3 Razor Knives
3 Extension Cords
3 Rolls of Biohazard Warning Tape
2 Boxes of Victim ID Pouches (800 count)

Accommodates approximately 750 decedents.

Please call for more info and pricing.

Customer Feedback

"Upon a recommendation of a fellow county coroner we recently ordered the Bio-Seal System. We have used it on two occasions; and I am simply amazed at both how well the system works and its ease of use. We have been able to secure two badly decomposed cases that were contained in the body bag used at the scene into Bio-Seal. The elimination of odor was immediate. This product should be considered a necessity for any Coroner office."

Bill Lisman, Coroner
Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

Ideal For


  Disaster Response Teams


  Government Agencies

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