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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I use TC BodyBag®?
    • The bag unfolds into a flat sheet, which can be used as a shroud until sealing of the decedent is necessary. A portion of the liner should be removed, then the right and left sides of the bag are folded toward the midline of the body to create a seal. The material at the head and foot should be pressed closed, then rolled toward the body to create a handle.

      To view a detailed demonstration of sealing the TC BodyBag®, visit our How-To page and view the TC BodyBag® Training Video.
  2. If the bag is zipper-less, how does it seal?
    • TC® bags are coated with a proprietary cohesive adhesive formula that creates a tight barrier from leaks and odor. The adhesive was designed to stick securely to itself, but not to hair, clothing, or the delicate tissue of remains.
  3. Why is the bag transparent?
    • With the help of funeral directors across the US, we opted to make the TC BodyBag® transparent to allow for easy identification prior to release, cremation, or embalming of a decedent without the need to reopen the bag.
  4. Why is there blue plastic attached to the bag?
    • This textured plastic sheet creates a barrier against the adhesive, ensuring it does not create a seal until you want it to. The blue liner is perforated every 12” to allow exposure of only the desired amount of adhesive. Remove most of the liner to give the bag full transparency, or leave more in place to give more privacy of the decedent.
  5. What are the dimensions of the bag?
    • The full dimensions of the sheet are 108” x 72”. When folded to create a body bag, the dimensions become 108” x 36”.
  6. What is the weight capacity of the bag?
    • The weight capacity is 275 lbs.
  7. When should the TC® bag be used?
    • The TC BodyBag® is considered a light-duty body bag, and was designed to replace the traditional white, zippered bag while offering full protection from leaks and odors. TC® bags are ideal for everyday use, and are chlorine- and PVC-free, meaning they are safe for cremation. Because TC® bags are transparent, they are also ideal for identifying remains prior to release, cremation, or burial without needing to reopen the bag. In a hospital setting, TC® bags are also safe for use during an MRI, as they do not have a metal zipper.

      We do not recommend using the TC® bag for protection from infectious pathogens, as it may not create a fully hermetic seal. TC® bags are not approved for repatriation.
  8. What is the bag’s shelf-life?
    • We recommend storing TC BodyBag® no longer than 18 months without use. While the bag may hold remains safely for a longer period of time, we cannot guarantee the adhesive’s strength. Because the TC® bag was designed as an everyday-use body bag, you should have no problem using your supply before the shelf-life has passed.
  9. What if it is necessary to reopen the bag after it is sealed?
    • We hope that the transparency of the TC® bag will avoid the need to reopen the bag as much as possible, but we realize that this cannot be avoided in every situation. Because the bag is fully lined with adhesive, it can be cut open at any point and sealed back together with ease. Make sure that the liner is removed around the cut portion to ensure a proper seal can be made.
  10. Do I need special training to use the TC® bag?
    • No, anyone can use a TC® bag with ease! We do want to make sure you are comfortable with our technology though, since TC® bags are used differently than a traditional zippered body bag. Before opening your first bag, we recommend watching the TC BodyBag® Training Video on our How-To page. And let us know if you have any questions!
  11. Is the bag chlorine-free?
    • Yes, TC® bags are made of a chlorine-free plastic and are safe for cremation.
  12. Is the bag cremation-safe?
    • Yes, the plastic and adhesive used to manufacture TC® bags are both 100% cremation-safe.
  13. Is the bag safe for use during an MRI?
    • Yes, because TC® bags do not contain metal of any kind, they are safe for use with an MRI machine.
  14. How do I know if the bag is sealed properly?
    • When sealing the TC® bag, all seams should be given a good twice over to ensure that a fully odor- and leak-proof seal has been created. Using your hands, pat the seal down the midline of the decedent with your hands and check that a good 5 inch or wider seam is present along the full length of the body. Although the midline seam is important, the head and foot are more prone to leaks if sealed improperly. To make sure you have a good, trustworthy seal, squeeze the material together at the head and foot, then roll it toward the body. This not only gives you a proper seal, but it also creates a handle to help you move the decedent more easily.
  15. How long can remains be safely contained in a TC® bag?
    • We recommend storing a decedent no longer no longer than 18 months in a TC® bag. While the bag may hold remains safely for a longer period of time, we cannot guarantee the adhesive’s strength. If there is a possibility that you may need to store the decedent for longer than 18 months, we recommend using a System5® bag instead, which can safely hold remains for 49 years or longer.
  16. Can this bag be used in a refrigerator or cooler?
    • Yes, many of our customers have tested TC® bags in refrigerators and coolers and have reported no deterioration of the adhesive.

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