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Facility System

What is it?

The sophisticated BioSeal Facility System provides the highest level of containment (BSL-4) for all dangerous gases and fluids associated with the transport, handling and storage of biohazardous materials in the death care industry. It is designed to meet the needs of funeral directors, coroners and others who process a high–volume of decedents.

Facility System

System Details

1 Vertical Dispensing Rack
1 Roll of System5® Material (150' x 36")
1 110v Hand-Held Thermosealer
1 Retaining Clip
1 Attached Razor Knife
1 Extension Cord

1 Roll of Biohazard Warning Tape

Accommodates approximately 25 decedents.

Customer Feedback

"Our investment in the BioSeal System technology has paid for itself many times over, in both measurable profits as well as immeasurable customer satisfaction and peace of mind."

Randy M. Ziegler, President
Malinow & Silverman Mortuary

Ideal For


  Disaster Response Teams


  Government Agencies

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