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About Our Business

As of Spring 2018, BioSeal Systems is a division of Extra Packaging, LLC.

A True Understanding of Industry Needs

In 1993, BioSeal Systems founder and president, Edward L. McWilliams, conceived a solution that would meet the need for an airtight, long-lasting method for containing dead bodies and the associated odors and potentially infectious fluids and gases that could not be met by traditional body bags. After consulting with packaging experts, McWilliams created the BioSeal System, a military tested and proven poly-aluminum foil-poly co-extruded laminate material that, when heat-sealed, creates a seamless, non-porous, lightweight, flexible metal container.

Since that time, BioSeal System5® has been successfully deployed for the recovery, containment, storage, and transport of remains at major natural and manmade mass fatality disasters, both in the US and abroad, including the crash of Swiss Air flight 111 in 1998, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the tsunamis in Thailand and Japan, and Hurricane Katrina. System5® clients include government and private sector organizations throughout the United States and Europe, as well as many other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and throughout Africa. The System5® technology is proudly utilized by the US Army Mortuary Affairs, the FBI, and the Israeli Defense Ministry.

Medical examiners, coroners, funeral directors, and hospitals nationwide depend on BioSeal Systems containment pouches, both System5® and TC BodyBag®, for day-to-day operations, and use them as key components of their disaster and pandemic preparedness planning. In addition, BioSeal System5® has been approved by most major air carriers and meets IATA guidelines for primary containment of human remains for air transport and repatriations.

A Dedication to Performance and Protection

As a result of customer feedback, as well as testing performed by government and private sector agencies, we have been able to improve BioSeal Systems technologies, methodology, and material, as well as expend our product offerings over the years. Each enhancement and new configuration has resulted in improved performance, protection, and preparation for our clients. Today, BioSeal Systems continues our dedication to creating innovative and dependance solutions to meet the unique requirements of any containment scenario.

Containment you can trust. Protection you deserve.