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TC BodyBag®

What is it?

Our newest body bag technology is a translucent, self-sealing containment device for human remains. Delivered as a single 108" x 36" pouch that can be trimmed to fit any size of remains and then stored, released, or cremated. The TC BodyBag® was created to replace the traditional leaky, zippered white body bag as a more efficient solution in the fight against leaks and odor.

Each body bag is made of a thick, puncture-resistant plastic that is coated with a proprietary adhesive formula. Our cohesive adhesive will not stick to any surface other than itself, so it is absolutely safe around the delicate tissue of remains. Our TC® bags come lined with a blue, textured plastic that is perforated for easy removal and exposure of the adhesive.

TC BodyBag® & Slick TC BodyBag® Flat

System Details

Once sealed, the transparent TC® bag makes identification easy prior to release or cremation.

Each TC® bag will contain and hold up to 275 lbs of weight.

The shelf life of each TC BodyBag® is 18 months.

Sold per case of 10 bags. Please choose a BioSeal Systems distributor here for pricing.

Customer Feedback

"BioSeal's containment systems (TC) body bags handled the remains of a trauma case superbly. What normally would have been a not so pleasant trip to the Medical Examiner's office with our old body bags was made with no problems whatsoever."

Martin Oakes
Pace-Stancil Funeral Home

Ideal For

  Funeral Homes


  Emergency Prep Agencies


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